Why vaccines? – Anasac and the salmon industry
Veterinary I 07/07/2015

The industry of salmon and trout in Chile are serving thirty years, and have become a major focus for economic and social development in the southern areas of Chile.

Like all animal production, this has not been free of health problems and to some extent at higher rates than other productions that take place on land, as are poultry and pigs.

One of the reasons relates to a production that takes place mainly in the sea, where it is not possible to isolate the aquatic environmental conditions and therefore is more likely to contract diseases. This particular condition makes disease prevention be a factor of prime importance.

The different vaccines designed to prevent existing diseases in salmon and trout, play a gravitating role in the productive and economic success of this industry. Inn 2013, Anasac started commercializing Providean Aquatec ®, a line of vaccines for fish in Chile, contributing to the welfare and growth of this dynamic and growing market.