Donation of seeds in Ethiopia
Sustainability I 07/07/2015

The foundation Friends of Ethiopia (FAE) , brings together chilean volunteers that collaborate with the Missionary Community of Saint Paul the Apostle, that has been  working in Ethiopia for 18 years in the fields of education, health, nutrition, agriculture and water resources.

In 2013 the representatives of the foundation approached Anasac for collaboration in their work in Ethiopia. Anasac donated 20 kilos of vegetable seeds to FAE. These were used in two programs, agriculture and nutrition, integrating the ethiopian community itself in the process of building a garden and the care required for their development.

This contribution has helped missions in Guten Angar , Mizan Teferi and Muketurri , locations where you can already see the fruitful work done by FAE, by building community gardens that have a huge impact on the quality of life of its residents, supporting them to cultivate a variety of foods for consumption and trade.

In words of MariaJesus Parada, FAE volunteer:  In these places the food, water and earth are an issue , and the seed fills a basic need. She also emphasizes, The results were impressive in a short time, especially for children and their integration in the whole process.