Llano Colorado and La Cetto wineries visits in Mexico

In the week of March 19 to 21 of this year, Anasac’s team members made two visits to Llano Colorado and La Cetto wineries. It should be noted that both wineries are great Mexican wine culture representatives. Llano Colorado has an area of ??400 hectares. While La Cetto has 1300 hectares. The visits to these important companies focused on demonstrating Anasac’s crop protection products effectiveness and, in this way, achieving   a better positioning within the Mexican market. In addition, Anasac’s team promoted the use of its products Canciller and Timonel. The aforementioned products stand out for their effectiveness in the control of Cenicilla, a disease that affects many crop and it’s caused by different types of fungi found in nature.

Anasac’s representatives demonstrated the profile and benefits of the products Canciller y Timonel to the farmers present in the activity. In addition, they gave a lecture about the proper timing application of these products according to the phenological stage of the crop sand, in this way, generate a pest management and control program with these products. Among the participants of the first visit, to Llano Colorado, were members of Anasac technical team, Llano Colorado’s personnel and the engineer Antonio Guerrero. The second visit, held in La Cetto, also had the presence of Anasac’s technical team, together with Engineer Rafael Martínez, belonging to La Cetto. The RTV of the area, Engineer Medel, the Marketing Coordinator, Engineer Arturo Torres, Engineer Sergio Ibarra and Raúl Valverde, all belonging to Anasac’s team, participated in both visits.