Anasac and Agro Services First National Meeting

Anasac organized a national event along with Agro Services on February 23 and 27, 2018. This activity was carried out with the purpose of cementing the company’s broad position that has been achieved due to its products portfolio in the national agricultural field. In addition, the activity focused on exposing the new variety of products that Anasac has developed in recent months. Among the pest control products presented at the event stood out the fungicide Scanner 37 SC. This important event was attended by 50 owners and suppliers of agro-services from all over the country as well as users connected with the use of the company’s products.

This product, fungicide Scanner 37 SC, represents a great solution for the plantations and crops predominant pest problems in Chile. It is important to emphasize that Anasac experts, as well as developers, users and researchers, have verified the results that can be achieved by using this product. In addition, this fungicide has yielded amazing benefits in different crops types overtime. Thus, Anasac used thee national event platform to share with the public and users the findings determined by their team about the results obtained via the use of fungicide Scanner 37 SC in coffee crops.

Another important point of this event was the confirmation of Anasac’s commitment, reflected in the support of the 2018 Incentive Plan. This incentive strategy will be implemented in the near future along with the help of the RAMAC supplier. This company, RAMAC, represents Anasac’s most important distribution channel in Nicaragua. 35% of pest control products total sales in the country are made through RAMAC, the main crops protected by these products are tomatoes, potatoes, basic grains, tobacco and coffee.