Anasac’s new distributor in Panama presentation

Anasac organized on Thursday, September 20, of the current year, a welcome activity for its new distributor in Panama, Calesa Group. The event consisted on the presentation of both companies that will collaborate in the future, Anasac and the Calesa Group. It was attended by two management  representatives of both companies. This corporate event was also attended by the renowned exhibitors Ragnar Bloise and Luís Mejía. The known Calesa Group became the fifth Anasac distributor in the country, this new commercial ally will focus on the crop protection product line distribution to improve agriculture in the country.

The Calesa Group is an industrial organization focused on food production, mainly rice, sugarcane, shrimp and animal feed. In addition, this company is dedicated to agricultural inputs commercialization as well as to research, development and raw materials improvement. The Calesa Group is composed of eight companies that operate under strict compliance quality standards. These well-known companies are committed to the responsible use of natural resources and, equally, oriented to offer first line products to their consumers. The Calesa Group’s success for almost 100 years has been defined by the work of the men and women who are part of the organization and whose motivation has been the research, development and implementation of favorable innovations for the processes that generate both the Calesa Group and Panama growth.