Anasac is a Chilean company that has 70 years of service to agriculture. We are a company with strong presence in international markets, accompanying our customers to provide solutions with value in each of the industries where we are present today.

Anasac is constantly developing new products and services for a demanding global market, adapting solutions to each local reality. The company has a significant presence in Latin America through subsidiary Anasac International Corporation. (AIC) The company develops, produces and markets products for crop protection and plant nutrition in more than 14 countries in the region.

AIC offers solutions in two categories:

Crop Protection

We deliver comprehensive and quality solutions for an increasingly modern, intensive agriculture and demanding in terms of its sustainability in the long term. We offer products and services for the prevention and control: pests, diseases and weeds, through the development of: Insecticides and miticides, fungicides, herbicides and growth regulators.

Vegetal Nutricion

Products to maintain and correct the nutritional status of the plant allowing it to exploit its production potential. This makes it possible to develop an agriculture high performance and optimal profitability. Its products and services include: Foliar fertilizers, stimulators controlled release fertilizers, bio-pesticides, as well as sunscreens and soil surfactants, among others

Anasac has three plants located in: Santiago de Chile, Argentina and China. Each has a quality control laboratory and standardized processes that ensure the integrity of the production and its products. Thus, through specialized distributors in Latin America, we meet the highest requirements and quality standards of each market.