SURANO 50 SC Launch Event in Guatemala, in the vegetal segment

During August, ANASAC’s Guatemala team, together with AGROVALSA’s team, launched SURANO 50 SC   fungicide for Botrytis cinerea control in tomato crops.

The launch event was conducted in the main tomato producing areas of Guatemala, along with the assistance of noted farmers from different regions of the country.

In addition, the event was attended by  Adela Rodríguez who provided an excellent presentation on Botrytis cinerea management and control in tomato crops.

“ANASAC is a company characterized by providing efficient pest control and plant diseases solutions for various crops in the country. SURANO 50 SC  is expected to become into the tool needed to produce a more efficient harvests.” Ludin Vidal, known farmer of  the Monjas Jalapa area.

«I had the opportunity to see the Botrytis control effectiveness in my crop in which one of the launched product was tested. The product achieved significant good results and it’s a helpful tool in farming ». Noel Ruiz, known farmer from Guatemala’s central region.