MAGNETO 45 SC launch took place in September in Monjas Jalapa, Guatemala. This event was well attended with the presence of more than 100 farmers stemming from the main tomato, peppers and onion production regions in the country. The attendees took part in the gathering in hopes on learning about the new crop prevailing pest control tools.

This event was arranged with the support of Agroval, sole supplier of the product presented in this gathering.

After the presentation, farmers had the opportunity to field test MAGNETO 45 SC’s Trips control effectivity which was performed on pepper crops and compared with the results achieved on a test plot where only standard pest control farming treatments were used.

In the aftermath of the field test, a technical lecture about pest control was conducted, on which the product’s technical characteristic were highlighted.

The presentation reckoned with actual testimonials that emphasized the good results obtained from the product by farmers who had used it before the launch event.