Finca’s new sale point inauguration in Honduras

At present, Finca is the largest Anasac’s client in Honduras and, thanks to the management of its work team, the company continues to grow in the agricultural inputs, crop protection and diseases eradication market. It is for this reason that Anasac is pleased to report that on October 16 of this year, the renowned company, Finca, opened its sixth store in the city of Choluteca, in southern Honduras. The opening event was attended by 45 people, among whom were noted agro-export technicians from the southern zone of Honduras, as well as farmers in general.

The new store opening goal is to bring practical and efficient solutions to the producers and farmer located in the area, which is currently one of the most productive regions in the country. The locality surrounding the city of Choluteca is specialized, mainly, in the production of sugar cane, shrimps and melon among others. The crops generated in the region are dedicated for export to the different countries of Europe and the United States.

The activity was in charge of Anasac’s RTC in Honduras, Boris Leon, who organized technical lectures about the Anasac products available in the new shop in Honduras. The presentations focused, mainly, on crop protection products and training in their use. In this way, Anasac was able to strengthen the relationship with its distributors in Honduras and, furthermore, advance its brand positioning in the localities situated in southern Honduras and close to the city of Choluteca.