Ecuadorian Flower Farmers Tour to Chile

Anasac, an important and modern company located in Chile, focused on phytosanitary  and crops protection products, with presence in more than 15 countries and committed to maintaining a close relationship with its customers, farmers and distributors, enabled a Technical Tour to Chile along with important export flower producers from Ecuador,  in October. This event was attended by Farmagro S.A’s Technical Representatives, Anasac’s renown distributor in Ecuador, as well as outstanding farmers from the following floricultural companies located in Ecuador: Blooming, Florifrut, Grow Flowers, Rosadex, Sisapamba

The Tour members were welcomed by Daniel Traverso, Anasac International’s  General Manager. The group partook in several Technical Trainings centered on topics such as: Agrochemicals Formulation, their different conditions, how Anasac’s products  are developed, their Active Ingredients, Emulsifiers and Solvents, among other materials used by the company to produce and ensure the quality of its products and its commitment of delivering stable products, which will last over time.

The lecture also focused on the importance of Plant Nutrition as a determining factor in the crops’ production, quality and health. A Thematic expert also addressed the importance of using Growth Hormones and, also, In Situ Field Evaluation Methods to verify crop product absorption. Which is importantly related to avoiding diseases resistance, properly managing and conserving crops and preserving the tools’ useful life for crop protection.

The group members toured one of Anasac’s manufacturing plants, where they noted the quality parameters and technical processes of a company with more than seven decades of experience and which is, also, consolidated in the Agricultural Exports Market.

Agricultural producers, in the Hijuelas area, in the Valparaíso region, whom talked about Anasac’s products quality, were visited.

The invited technicians’ group toured Xilema’s plant, a company that belongs to Anasac, which is dedicated to biocontrollers research and reproduction. Its goal is delivering an integrated crop management strategy taking into account its vision of a cleaner and more sustainable production approach.

In addition, the attendees had the opportunity to enjoy the cultural and gastronomic wonders offered in Chile. A country known as one of the main fruit and wine exporters in the world.

We want to highlight Jose António Bueno’s word, Sisapamba’s General Manager, who participated in the activity:

“First of all, the tour in Chile was a very innovative activity, the simple fact that a supplier invites you to its country to personally see  its operation at its origin, and welcomes you that way, is something unusual in our industry. For us, the two Sisapamba representatives who participated, it was an activity fully positive. Starting by knowing more about Anasac, its products, its processes and, above all, its openness to developing new products along with its customers; that willingness is something incredible that very few companies have. Finally, something very important to me was to get to know the Chilean people better, I was impressed by their generosity and the good hosts they are, all the people with whom we interacted in Anasac, and in Chile, were extremely cordial and friendly; it was an unforgettable experience”.

Anasac and Farmagro have consolidated as companies in the last 15 years within the phytosanitary segment. For this reason, Anasac has set its goals in providing innovative solutions to the flower industry and committing itself to strengthen the technical and professional growth of said industry in Ecuador.