Anasac and Clients’s Rice Tour

From September 14 to 18, 2017, Anasac organized a rice tour in the Yopal of Colombia. This activity was attended by two renowned Anasac suppliers in the Dominican Republic, Fertilizantes Santo Domingo, FERSAN, and Fertilizantes Químicos Dominicanos, FERQUIDO. Thanks to the help of these two distributors, it was possible to have in attendance the managers of both these companies, the engineers Luis Ávila and Ramon Rowland, respectively.

This activity was deemed as very important for Anasac’s supplier and farmers, since it gave them the opportunity to witness products effectiveness and, in addition, to learn about the new technologies developed by Anasac used to eradicate the different diseases and pests found in the country. They could also test up crops quality improvement achievable via their use in the rice fields of Colombia. This tour reported great benefits for the attendees as they were able to clarify existing doubts regarding the product YOGA 50 SC, Diflufenican 50, and its use. In this way, Anasac’s team will be able to apply the experiences and knowledge acquired in the activity when it returns to the region of Yopal in Colombia, in January of next year.

The attendees reported that the activity was a pleasant meeting that gave them the opportunity to share with suppliers from Nicaragua, Panama and the Dominican Republic. The participants recognized the value of the meeting, not only in the professional area, but also in the interpersonal one. They were able to get to know different agricultural points of view, which enriched the teamwork. This rice tour delivered the chance to witness how some of Anasac portfolio’s greatest farmers work in the Yopal of Colombia, and to learn from their experiences and advices to adapt them to the Chilean  agricultural practices. It should be noted that the participants reported that the Engineer Rowland Ferquido was very motivated by the experience in Colombia.

Below, we detail the itinerary of this activity:

  • Rice tour’s welcome and closing events accomplished by Engineer Frasser.
  • Anasac’s work in Colombia Presentation, as well as Diflufenican Management Practices Induction, a product still being developed by Fersan and Anasac, accomplished by Engineer Oscar Ruiz.
  • Crops Marketing Plan Presentation accomplished by Engineer Rodrigo Retamal.
  • Lecture about FSCT2018 accomplished by Engineer Luis Mejias.