Almonte Comercial’s Agroindustries and Equipment Fair in the Dominican Republic

From the 19 to the 23 of September of the present year, Almonte Comercial and its related companies, Almonte Agroindustrial and EMPASA S.R.L, held its Great Agro-inputs and Equipment Fair in the Dominican Republic. The event was carried out in the parking area of Almonte Comercial’s main office, in the city of Constanza, in the province of La Vega. It was attended by approximately 350 people, among whom were producers from all over the country. In addition, the Almonte Comercial’s Agricultural and Equipment Fair also had the assistance of more than 15 national and international distributors, which represent a large portion of the agro-inputs industry in the country.

Anasac had the opportunity to exhibit its products at the fair, in a Stan in which they displayed the most used products in the most produced crops in the country. The selected products were mainly for crop protection and the diseases eradication. Anasac’s stand focused, mostly, on showing its outstanding products: Imperio and Miterra. It should be noted that the producers and distributors reported being very happy with the products and treatment provided by the company’s representatives. Both distributors and producers had the opportunity to enjoy unique discounts offered by Anasac at the fair, from 10% up to 40%. This initiative encouraged producers to try new and innovative solutions and test different  products and their applications, in this way, Anasac obtained a new opening opportunity in the Dominican Republic’s market.