Kamikaze 32 SC Field Day, Dominican Republic

At the beginning of September 2017, Anasac, together with its distributor, Isla Agrícola, organized a field day on producer Elpidio Vásquez’s farm in the province of Monte Cristy, in the Dominican Republic. This activity was attended by both technicians and producers located in the area. The field day offered the perfect opportunity to test Kamikaze 32 SC’s effectiveness against the plague known as “spotted grain”. This pest is characterized by the appearance of lesions in the form of circular or oval spots of reddish or dark brown color on leaves and grain pods. In severe cases, the spots can link up to form larger lesions. If your crops present one or more of these symptoms, please contact our executives.

The “spotted grain”, less commonly known by its scientific name, Helmintosporiosis, is a typical rice crops disease caused by fungal and bacterial complexes, among which are Alternaria, Helminthosporium, Leptosphaeria, Fusarium, Curvularia, Nigrospora, Erwinia , Cercospora and Sarocladium. This disease is associated with nutrients soil deficient and, also, with soil moisture shortage and drought.

Kamikaze 32 SC’s ingredients, Azoxystrobin in 20% and Tebuconazole in 12%, achieved excellent results in rice crops. This product use reports impressive benefits, decreasing and even completely eradicating stained grain. Two applications were made to eliminate stained grain in the field day and the results were excellent. The farm owner reported that there was a more uniform grain filling in relation to before the farm treatment and that he obtained unstained grains, which improved the milling rice quality.