Anasac Field Day, Dominican Republic, Flower farmers Meeting in the Rio Constanza region, Dominican Republic.

On January 26, 2018, Anasac held a meeting between the distribution company Isla Agrícola, the distributor Jose de Jesús Rodriguez and small and medium flower farmers from the Rio Constanza region in the Dominican Republic. This meeting focused on addressing the issues and pests relevant in the flower crops of Rio Constanza.

Unfortunately, it was discovered that the flower crops of Rio Constanza present a Tetranychus urticae infestation. This pest, also known as the red spider or the two spotted spider, is one of the many mite species that feed on plants and lay their eggs on its leaves. The tetranychus urticae is a big threat to plants since it eats the cellular contents of leaves, absorbing the cells one  by one, which generates discoloration and drying. In most cases, this problem manifests itself through pale yellow spots that highly contrast with the green of the leaves and the color of the flowers. This plague, without a doubt, represents a huge problem for flower farmers due to the fact that the infected flowers can’t be sold.

Thanks to the analysis carried out by the thematic experts in the flower fields, it was determined that the best solution to eradicate the mites found in the crops was Fakir 9.3 EC. This product’s ingredients, 1.8% of Abamectin and 7.5% of Bifenthrin, make it the ideal solution to eliminate pests and heal the delicate flower crops. As expected, the application of Fakir 9.3 EC in the flowers of the region had excellent results in the pests and mites eradication. If you wish to know more about this product, please go to the products section of our website.