Field Day in green potato plantations in Guatemala, September 28

On September 28 of this year, Anasac organized a field day in green potato crops in San Juan Ostuncalco, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. The activity was attended by seventy people, conformed by farmers from the region and Anasac’s  technical representatives trained in pest control products use in potato crops.

This activity was carried out to compare and study both Anasac products’s use and benefits in potato plots managed by the same farmer and planted on the same day, under the same controlled conditions. The activity focused on analyzing  potato plots management and, in addition, the fantastic pest control results obtained by using the following products:


In the field day was possible to verify the notorious results obtained by Anasac’s pest control products, aforementioned, in the potato crops in terms of plant vegetative development and common pests eradication. The plot owner gave his testimony about the company’s products use and, also, he spent a few minutes commenting on the management and applications that both plots had had prior to the field day and the inspection.

The September 28 activity in Panama resulted in the acquisition of a commercial package for Anasac crop protection products from retailers in the area, these products will be used, mostly, in the potato crops of the country.