Field Day, September 18 of 2018 (Nicaragua)

On September 18, 2018, a field day was held in Nicaragua with advisors from the country’s rice farms, Agricola Miramontes and Melonicsa. This activity was also attended by CETAR Experimental Center’s representatives. The field day’s objetive was the organization of a lecture in which the results obtained in commercial plots with the herbicidal product Yoga 50 SC (diflufenican) from Anasac were presented. This outstanding pest control product, mainly in the rice fields of the area, generated a visible difference in the mitigation and eradication of Ischaemun rugosum. This field day in Nicaragua was attended by 15 professionals who represented both the distributors’ teams and the dealer’s sales team as well as the farms’ advisors.

The lecture focused on the results observed in the rice fields affected by the plague afore mentioned, in addition to the findings discovered in the established trials. This activity also presented a great opportunity to work on the Brand Model together with RAMAC’s commercial rice cultivation team, Anasac’s  important distributor. The talk also offered the chance to present the product’s positioning.

On the field day of September 18, a training session for the use of crops protection products, mainly Yoga 50 SC (diflufenican), was also held. The training was conducted by the renowned expositors Marcelo Lopez and Luis Somarriba. The professionals devoted a large part of the lesson to analyze the findings and results obtained with Anasac’s products in the rice fields of the region. In addition, the presenters delved into the proper products’ mode of use to obtain a greater efficiency and, thus, achieve a more efficient farming.