Anasac and Agromex’s Field day, August 2017Field day in the Dominican Republic

At the end of August of 2017, Anasac, in collaboration with the distributor Agromex, held a field day at the estate of the prominent producer Pedro Santos, located in the province of Sánchez Ramírez, in the Dominican Republic. This activity was organized to demonstrate the effectiveness of the renowned Crecitec ZN product from Agromex. This meeting was attended by technicians and farmers from the area who highlighted the impressive results achieved by the product in the affected crops.

Crecitec Zn is crucial to avoid Zinc deficiency and rice grain deformations. Zinc activates the enzymes responsible for protein synthesis, it’s used in chlorophyll and carbohydrates formation. In addition, Zinc presence in leaf tissue helps the plants to resist temperature changes. The factors that tend to induce zinc deficiency are, mainly, excessive fertilizers use, intensive agriculture, high-yield seeds, prolonged flooding irrigation and alkaline water irrigation.

Some of the most characteristic zinc deficiency symptoms are:

  1. Leaf sheaths or joints superposition.
  2. Brown or tan color on the more mature leaves.
  3. The part of the leaf closest to the stem turns pale green or yellowish, chlorosis.
  4. Lack of vigorous growth.

Zinc deficiency associated problems are usually detected after irrigation, while salinity associated problems usually are generally spotted in soils not saturated with water. If your rice crops show any these symptoms, please contact one of our executives.

Agromex’s Crecitec Zn product was used in deficient crops, which reported excellent results. After product application, the rice grains obtained a more uniform form. This crops uniformity is a vital characteristic for crop appraising and selling.