Julio Andrade located farmers lecture in Ecuador

Anasac, together along with one of its more important pest control distributors in the community, organized a lecture for farmers in the city of Julio Andrade in Ecuador. This activity was held on June 27, 2018 and was attended by 35 specialist and buyers. The training was held in the town of La Playa, a distinctly agricultural community in the area.

The lecture was given by the Engineer Adela Rodríguez, who offered a very interesting presentation for both collaborators and assistants. The lesson provided focused on expanding the participants’ knowledge about the different pests and diseases that are still present in the crops of La Playa region. The Engineer Adela Rodríguez centered her speech on potato crops, the main vegetable produced in the locality. In addition, Adela spent several minutes of her presentation addressing the main pests and diseases that afflict La Playa, their main symptoms and how they can be controlled through agricultural practices and Anasac’s poducts. Among the products recommended by the engineer were:

  • Lanchero
  • Nunchaku
  • Arado
  • Trueke
  • Mi terra
  • Témpano
  • Furioso

The lecture thus managed to meet its objective, which was to raise awareness of the pest and produce diseases found in the crops, to clarify the monetary loss generated by these pests, to educate the public about Anasac’s products able to eliminate and mitigate these crop problems and, finally, to demonstrate to the  farmers the benefits they can obtain by using the aforementioned products.