Anasac’s lecture in Honduras

On October 15 of this year, Anasac held a lecture in Honduras in order to present its new products and, also, offer training on their appropriate use. The training activity, carried out thanks to Anasac’s RTC, Boris León, was attended by 17 people, among whom were technicians from several agro-exporters from the Comayagua Valley, mainly representatives of Finca company, one of Anasac’s   distributors in the country.

The training session focused on the presentation of crop protection specified products, in addition, the attendees were trained on how to use these products correctly to achieve greater effectiveness and, thus, improve the benefits obtained in the crops. The main topics relevant to phytosanitary products quality application in the area’s crops were addressed in the activity. The technical meeting also presented the opportunity to provide information about Anasac’s crop protection products distributed by Finca in Honduras. Due to the start of the production and export season of the products mentioned below, mainly to the United States and Europe, the lecture focused on pumpkin, cucumber, chili and onion crops. Among the products highlighted by the experts in the event were:

  • Tempano Gold
  • Moxan MZ
  • Contrino, Punto