Casa de los Abonos’s staff technical training, San Gabriel, Ecuador

On April 25, 2018 in the province of San Gabriel, Ecuador, Anasac’s staff organized a meeting with the agricultural technicians of Casa de los Abonos to discuss Anasac’s new range of products that will be sold by the company in the near future. This activity was attended by four employees who were very interested in the new crop pest control products developed by Anasac.

The Casa de los Abonos is a very important agricultural products seller used to fight and wipe out the most persistent crop pests in the region. This company also has 6 sale points throughout the San Gabriel area in Ecuador. The Casa de los Abonos is dedicated, mainly, to help farmers to obtain greater benefits and to improve crop productivity. It is for this reason that the company was very interested in acquiring the new Anasac’s products, which represent an important scientific advance in pest eradication and plague control. Anasac’s staff thoroughly explained the benefits and qualities of the new products, in order to minimize, and possibly avoid, confusion about their use and to maximize the benefits obtained by following the developers’ recommendations.

In addition, it is worth noting that the staff of the Casa de los Abonos committed to carry out both surveys and tests to certify the pest control effectiveness and efficiency the new Anasac’s products can achieve in the different crops of the area of San Miguel.