Agro Mundo’s staff training session in Tucán, Ecuador.

Agro Mundo is a company committed with the permanent quality improvement of its services and products, it also takes into account its responsibility as one of the most important distribution companies in the area. It organized a staff training session on June 26, 2018. This activity was carried out in the province of Tucán, Ecuador, where attendees had the opportunity to see in situ the problems that afflict Agro Mundo’s consumers and customers.

The activity was attended by 23 participants, who were very interested in the knowledge offered and in the search of solutions and palliative methods that could errase the serious pest problem that threatens the region’s crops.

The staff training session began in the early hours of the morning, the affected fields owner, the Agro Mundo’s field specialized technician and the Engineer Adela Rodríguez were present in the in situ visit. They diligently toured the most important crops in the area, mainly potato crops, to establish the number of fields compromised by the pest infestation.

After the experts identified the different pests found in the crops, they carried out a fields problems survey. Agro Mundo, along with its employees, offered a wide range of solutions and products to wipe out and control the pests detected in the analyzed crops.

Finally, that very day in the night, Agro Mundo organized a massive lecture that was attended both by the whole company’s staff as well as the main farmers of the Tucán region. This activity focused on discussing and reporting the main potato crops problems in the area, in order to train both farmers and employees to eradicate pests that affect the fields of the different towns. Furthermore, this activity developed a greater interest about the setbacks and issues that pests might trigger in crops. In this way, the need to deliver Agro Mundo’s products to meet the farmers’ demand in the Tucán province arose.