Anasac and Farmagro staff training in Tulcán, Ecuador

Anasac offered a training activity to the employees working in Farmagro stores and warehouses in the Carchi area of the Tulcán region in Ecuador. This activity was organized in order to help employees and sellers to better promote and sell Anasac’s products in the different vending and distribution points in the region.

 The lecture was held on June 27, 2018, in the Tulcán region of Ecuador. It was attended by 10 employees who are highly committed to resolving the issues of both farmers and consumers. They are also constantly looking for alternatives that can solve the pest problems that afflict the area where they work and live.

 The activity focused on the presentation of Anasac’s insecticides. Among the featured products were: Furious, Apero, Tempano, Miterra and Trueke. These products were widely discussed due to their nature and use mechanism and the type of ingredients they contain. In addition, the training highlighted the use capacity of these insecticides in different types of crops, of which the potato was the mainly addressed crop. The activity also stressed the importance of knowing how to select the recommended mixtures and products to achieve crop pest eradication.

 The employees who attended the training reported feeling happy because this activity offered them the opportunity to clarify doubts and that they now feel more confident when recommending the ideal product for pests eradication according to each client.