Almacenes San Blas Agricultural Training

Anasac organized a training session for an important distributor in the area of Imbabura, Ecuador. This activity was held on June 28, 2018 in Ibarra. The training was attended by 30 people, among whom were the technical staff and farmers of the area. All the attendees shared with the distributor Almacen Agrícola San Blas their doubts and concerns about the pest controllers products needed to achieve greater crop productivity in the country. Almacen San Blas is Anasac’s most important distributor in the region. This company is responsible for selling specific products recommended for crop pests control. Almacen San Blas is the highest purchasing company in the Imbabura area.

The activity was attended by the renown professional Adela Rodríguez who offered a detailed lecture about the main pests found in the crops of the region, as well as a comprehensive explanation about the most effective products against the pests and diseases mentioned in the same activity. Adela also devoted a few minutes of the lesson to talk about how to avoid pests appearance and pests presence symptoms recognition. In addition, Adela Rodriguez cited most common produce diseases.

Thus, the specialist detailed the work and the benefits granted by Anasac’s products, which led to a greater clarity about which products should be used to control the different pests types. It made possible for both the technicians and invited farmers to better recognize Anasac’s products required in each case. So it generated a greater sales volume for Almacenes San Blas.