Activities with tomatoes companies in the Dominican Republic

At the end of September of 2017, Anasac organized two events with industrial tomato processing and producing companies to discuss and analyze pest problems present in crop fields in different areas of the country. Famosa Agroindustrial and Victorina Agroindustrial are among the main representatives companies that were present in this activity. These companies were of great importance for the event because they provided crucial information for the resolution of the problems raised by both farmers, consumers and specialists who attended the talks. On the same date, September 2017, Anasac held another meeting activity with vegetable producers in the province of San José de Ocoa. These three activities had the  participation of the renowned engineer Adela Rodríguez, who contributed with her vast knowledge about pest controllers and vegetable diseases.

In these events, Adela Rodríguez presented a lecture where the country’s farmers’ most relevant issues were raised. Among the topics addressed by the engineer were pest control products and diseases in tomato crops and other vegetables. Among the products highlighted in the talk were Yunke 25.7 SC, for its components Fipronil 157 + imidacloprid 100, and the fungicide Bolco 63.5 SC, for its components Chlorothalonil 57.5 + difenoconazole 6.0.

These activities were organized thanks to the participation of Anasac’s business partner, Fertilizantes Santo Domingo, Fersan. This company is dedicated to fertilizers distribution. Fertilizantes Santo Domingo is positioned as a formidable ally and representative of Anasac’s products in the Dominican Republic.