About us

Anasac International Corporation is responsable for developing, producing and selling crop protection and plant nutrition products in more than 14 countries.

Our deep knowledge, coupled with our widespread commercial presence, locates us as a leading company with a broad range of quality and innovative solutions constantly updated created for the different markets on the region.

Due to our specialized dealers present in all Latin America, we are able to fulfill the highest requirements and quality standards of each market


Our goal is provide a distinctive portfolio in the different farming markets establishing process that allow us to maintain a high innovative solutions rate which enable us to address the constant farming challenges in a sustainable and profitable way. We proactively aim to provide technology and quality distinct consumables to the international market, thus, providing high value solutions to our clients.

Our extensive experience in new products development and registration enable us, in partnership with our distributors, to sell and work with the local marketing according to the specific needs of our clients.

Our continuos search for innovation, coupled with Anasac’s tradition, allows us to be positioned as a strategic partner in the daily challenges of agroforestry production. We encourage you to contact us and test the endless solution possibilities we can provide that will increase your business’s profitability on a daily basis.