The Mexican Union of Manufacturers and Agrochemicals Formulators A. C. (UMFFAAC) is an organization dedicated to promote input production required by farming. It defends and represents the users’ interests from the product regulating authorities both for crop protection and the development of safe environmental activities, furthermore, it encourages staff training in associated companies.

UMFAAC is currently promoting and developing four highly important programs both for the Union and its affiliates, namely:



UMFFAAC signed an agreement with the Poisons Information Centre from the Hospital at the Autonomous University from Nuevo León (Centro de Información Toxicológica del Hospital de la Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León ) and the Federal Commission for Protection against Sanitary Risks (COFEPRIS) in December 2013 on which the Poison Care Center (ATOX) was created. The ATOX provides useful information and training for medics and users alike given by experienced toxicologists. These lectures approach topics related to symptoms recognition, adequate first aid measures and appropriate  agrochemical poisoning antidote administration. You can call 01 800 000 2869 (for free) from anywhere in the country to request services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



The Mexican Union of Manufacturers and Agrochemicals Formulators A. C. (UMFFAAC) created the Responsible Agrochemicals Use Program (PURA) due to both the prevalent user and environmental security concerns and food safety requirements. This program aims to train and raise awareness about agrochemicals use. It’s focused on cementing the bases that will allow all agrochemicals users to indirectly and directly profit from these farming products. Simultaneously, PURA educates the public about a correct and safe use that minimizes health risks



Amocali, A.C.- Clean Countryside is a civil association which represents the 90% of market’s protection crop products and alike. This association merges manufactures, formula makers, suppliers and packaging companies, along with pest controllers breeders, the agroindustry, aerial fumigation technicians, carriers, farming associations and stockbreeders to work as a unit. This program aims for the development of a safe and environmentally friendly practice, triple cleaning culture, recollection, compression and final shipment. The Clean Countryside Program follows a strict guideline and plan for empty products packaging management to protect crops and other farming produce registered under SEMARNAT. It also obeys FAO directives from its code of conduct.




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