On Thursday 21 of June 2018 in the Azuero region, Los Santos, Panama, PANAMCO and ANSAC AIC hosted the ¨Corn Crop Phenology Technical Lecture¨. This pursuit reckoned with the outstanding lecture from the renowned Agricultural Engineer and Manufacturer, Andrés Arango (Colombia), specialized in corn grain and seeds production. Furthermore, this event counted with the presence of the famous companies Yara and COSMOCEL. These lectures brought together over forty farmers, owners of almost 10.000 corn crop hectares.

Arango’s lecture addressed, among other topics, corn Phenology and Physiology concepts, different crop phases recognition, efficient planting practical aspects, and  macro and micro-nutrient fertilization dosage assessment. Lastly, his lecture approached agronomic issues related to the varying crop phases and seeds treatment.

The warm welcome of this event was highlighted by farmers and its attendants whom remarked on the clarity and precision of the lectures delivered. Arango stressed the relevance of nitrogen fertilization and its application methods throughout the crops. Likewise, Arango alluded to the importance of performing according to crops’ phases and not deadlines. It’s noted that Arango met Román Gordon, from The Institute of Agricultural and Livestock Research of Panama (IDIAP), the day before, in order to discuss and plan an approach to corn crops’ reality in Panama. The information gathered in this meeting was presented on the lectures aforementioned.