During the first week of March our company, located in Santiago, Chile, hosted the visit of a delegation from Nicaragua consisting of: William Guardian, peanut and rice farmer based in the  western region of Nicaragua; Salvador Baca, peanut farmer based in the western region of Nicaragua who is also the President of the Farming Associating of Chinandega; Salvador Ruiz, peanut and rice farmer based in the western region of Nicaragua; Jorge Valdivia, rice farmer based in the Sebaco Valley in the north region of Nicaragua; Edwin Maltez, vegetable farmer and agri-environmental company owner based in Matagalpa in the north region of Nicaragua; Oscar Castellon, peanut crop Technical Adviser based the western region of Nicaragua; Jose Alberto Torrez, RAMAC Branch Manager; Luis Mejias, ANASAC’s Marketing and Sales Manager based in Central America; Luis Somarriba, ANASAC’s Technical and Trade Representative based in Nicaragua.


The attendants of this visit had the opportunity to explore the productive and developmental processes created by ANASAC in Chile. For this  purpose, the attendants traveled to the phytosanitary products formulation and packaging plant in Lampa. This facility boasts of an comprehensive management system that allows the control of a wide range of processes from commodities collection to product formulation and shipment. By doing so, we are able to ensure components and production batches tracking, thus, warranting both production integrity and products quality. The XIema’s experimental station based in Quillota, ANASAC’s Biological Monitoring Company, devoted to biological pests controllers mass breeding recommended both in comprehensive and conventional farming which blends biological tools to fulfill the different demands of the target markets demands.


Furthermore, this visits provided a city tour around Santiago, the most famous seaside locations, such as the iconic and patrimonial areas like Valparaiso and Viña del Mar.