Anasac Colombia arrived to Altillanura
Corporate I 03/06/2015

Located on the eastern plains of Colombia. The use of this area for agribusiness could make the agricultural area of the country increase by 50 %. Our subsidiary, present since 2009, is committed to being a key player in this development.

The relationship between Anasac and Colombia began in the 90s by making alliances with wholesale distributors to market our products in the country. It has been more than 20 years in which the distribution strategy has been adapted to a country with a singular geography as well as, public safety regulations.

With the creation of Anasac Colombia in 2009, Anasac established a direct relations structure, seeking to get closer to the end consumer. The subsidiary distribution strategy has been oriented to key actors such as retailers, cooperatives / associations, agribusinesses and large farmers: Through the consolidation of this strategy, we´ve learned more about the sales channel, having diverse opportunities in new crops and new regions within the country. Analyzes Alberto Villagrán, CEO of Anasac Colombia.

During 2014 the subsidiary decided to participate more actively in Altillanura, region located in the eastern plains, where crops such as corn and soybeans are expanding.

With the incorporation of land for agricultural crops in the eastern plains and especially in Altillanura, Colombia could increase by 50 % its agricultural area, which is about 5 to 6 million hectares today, Explains Alberto Villagrán.